Câmbio para o Dia: 01/12/2023

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Favorecido: Easylog Seviços e Logistica Ltda
CNPJ: 03.537.774/0001-44

Banco: Bradesco
Agência: 0330-1
Conta-corrente: 69.459-2

1- Após pagamento efetuado, enviar comprovante para financeiro@easylog.com.br, caso contrário não será dado baixa no pagamento.
2- Comprovantes enviados após às 15:00 hrs estarão sujeitos a variação cambial, de acordo com o câmbio do próximo dia útil.


Customs Clearance   

We have different teams for the Export and Import processes for specialized care for each type of operation.



With over 20 years of experience in container transporting and duly registered in RNTRC (National Register of Road Cargo Transport) we operate cargo at major ports of Santa Catarina with own and outsourced fleet.



Main activity developed by EasyLog, sea transport presents an optimal cost-benefit ratio for loads of greater volume and/or weight and not requiring immediate delivery.



Operating as exclusive agents of Ceva Logistics, one of the world's foremost providers of air cargo transport services, we have a structure dedicated to serving the air transportation in any airport in Brazil and the world.



    EasyLog Serviços e Logística Ltda. started its activities in February 2000 in Itajaí, SC - Brazil, in order to act as representative for the entire State of Santa Catarina's Circle International Freight.

As an exclusive agent of CEVA LOGISTICS, we currently have a chain of agencies of over 1200 offices in 170 countries, a fact that allows us to operate to and from any port or airport in the world.

This partnership gives our exporters and importers customers a unique option, consequence of the combination of extensive experience of EasyLog professionals and a wide range of specialized logistic services CEVA LOGISTICS offers across the globe.

We are certain that we can help strengthen the performance of your company, reaching customers more efficiently. We are committed to achieving this goal by being the main source for your distribution logistics, maritime and air transport, road freight, international freight insurance, customs clearance, as well as management projects of the production chain.